Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of some of the questions we get the most for your convenience. If there's anything you would like to ask that we haven't included, please contact us!

Yes, all the followers you receive with our services are 100% real. Our team of social media managers conduct extensive research to find those followers that have a high chance of being interested in your content.
Once our social media managers find your ideal audience, they will engage with the individuals through a follow or like. Statistics show that a follow notification is the best way to have another user view your profile. If they like your content, they will give you a follow (which they most likely will because our account managers are awesome).
Time. You are busy creating content or growing your business. It is a HASSLE to follow and like dozens of posts all day. Furthermore, we know EXACTLY who to engage with to gain genuine followers and will do it 24/7. Work on your business, leave the engagement to us.
Absolutely. We have the ability to target users in one or multiple geographic locations at a time. Whether you are a small local business or an online business, we can help.
The truth is social media is one huge web. We try to engage with people who are in locations you request, but there is a chance people from untargeted places will follow you. Some people may sneak between our filtering process. However, they are following you because they like your content, so don’t be surprised!
We engage with users using your account. This is the best way to encourage organic growth. Additionally, we also offer automated posting which means we will need to access your account.
We suggest you change your password to something you don’t use on any other accounts, especially your email. This way, only you will be able to change your password because we do not have access to your email. As a result, your account is 100% safe.
Of course! With the higher-tiered packages there are additional perks such as Twitter engagement management, automated posting, and search engine optimization. The addition of twitter will play off of Instagram and vice versa. Your content will be spread across multiple channels and help significantly with your brand awareness. Secondly, our automated posting not only saves you time, but it also increased your engagement because we post at the best times for engagement. The more engagement you have the more Instagram’s algorithm favour your post. Therefore, this will lead to even more engagement and organic growth. Lastly, SEO will dramatically increase the hits you receive through google as we ensure your account stays on the first page.
We offer a two week trial for $35 because our services are so valuable! You are assigned an account manager for the duration of the trial that works on your account 24/7. This results in substantial growth of 250-500+ high quality/ niche followers. If that is not a deal, we don’t know what is.
No, you can cancel anytime. However, we are extremely confident that you will love your results!